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Every size of Oyster

Okeover Organic Oysters has for sale tray grown, beach hardened Pacific oysters of every size. Delectably fresh with a pleasing cucumber finish.

Our grow-out method creates an oyster with a very scalloped fluting and a deep cup. Perfect on the half-shell or prepared in any number of delicious recipes.

Okeover Organic Ex-Small

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Filla of Manila

Okeover Organic Oysters is also proud to offer farmed Manila clams, 100% hand-dug by us.

O.O.O. doesn't rely on natural sets for clam production. Every year we buy 100s of thousands of tiny clams from a hatchery and grow them on trays until large enough to survive on our beach on their own. Farmed hand-dug manila clams are a truly sustainable product, rated Best Choice by both Seachoice and Seafood Watch.

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